Long weekend. Photos. Autumn.

I was fortunate enough to have the ability of enjoying a glorious long weekend here in Canada. It really was quite a refreshing time and Thanksgiving dinner was great and stuffing as usual. The outside weather and autumn changes finally hit their peak, making it the perfect time for my sister and I to both head out and use the vibrant colours of autumn as our canvas. I’ll

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¬†some highlight photos of the so called “photo shoot”. All in all it was a wonderful holiday long weekend and expect a much similar post to this when it begins to snow. To those in America who did not have Thanksgiving happy belated Columbus Day. ūüôā


Enjoy a peek at our shoot and have a wonderful week!



Mind Tricks

I keep thinking I miss you, but I don’t really. I miss the feelings you gave me, I miss the love and security I felt. But my mind is tricking me into thinking I miss you. When really I just miss feeling loved.

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The Glass Castle English 30-1 Essay (Grade 12 English Essay)

ImageSo I just finished the final revisions of my final essay for the memoir¬†The Glass Castle¬†by Jeannette Walls. I’m just wondering what everyones opinion on the essay quality, detail, etc. I would love pointers and notes on it, please realize this is my essay so please don’t steal it and there are major spoiler alerts so if you haven’t read this fantastic memoir I suggest you run out to your local bookstore and pick up a copy!! Enjoy the essay and be as brutally honest as you can be it’ll only help me become a stronger writer, thanks again ūüėÄ







Unconstrained by Circumstance

Individuals can be seen responding to the circumstances they endure in different ways. The way they choose to respond to this issue can determine whether the effect of their exposure will end up being a positive effect that strengthen their character. In the memoir The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls, we see the effects of the circumstances on Jeannette and we see how she uses those situations to shape the person that she becomes. In the Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls can be seen living a life that is unconstrained by the circumstances of her unconventional youth.  She is a focal point to the life of success that a person can live even after growing up in an unorthodox family. Jeannette goes to prove that even with the strangest of childhoods a person can have the life they want if they have the drive and passion to pursue the goals and dreams they desire to achieve.


In life the desire to achieve can work to be a powerful force that can allow for a person to achieve their¬†aspirations. Through hard work and dedication to pursuing those¬†ambitions¬†what a person can achieve can be seen as infinitely amazing to those around them. We may see their struggle to achieve as a lost cause and something that the person should no longer attempt, but¬†often¬†it has been proven that if you go after your dreams nothing can ever stop you, not even¬†zany¬†parents who see life as a great adventure. Jeannette Walls serves as an example of how successful one can become when they continually pursue their dreams with a vigor and passion. Even with every possible obstacle in her path,¬†Jeannette¬†is¬†seen striding past the obstacle and working to achieve¬†the goals she has set for herself. Since Jeannette was three years old her family was always moving from place to place.¬†As a child Jeannette is constantly uprooted from different schools if her parents decided it was time to move again.¬†Even though Jeannette is constantly in and out of school she still ensures that she always keeps up with her school work and makes sure that she understands what she is being taught. Jeannette keeps her dream alive to become a writer by constantly going after her dreams even though she has the constant obstacle of her parents deciding to relocate at every possible whim¬†and the constant battle she faces against outsiders. Even with¬†those¬†disadvantages¬†Jeannette ensures that she excels in all that she does and puts all possible effort into what she wants to become. Even at a young age she ensures that she joins a newspaper club at her school and though she is treated poorly¬†and is judged harshly by those around her, she works her way up to becoming the editor and key writer of her high school newspaper. Jeannette works hard to become the editor¬†of her high school newspaper¬†and proves herself as a capable writer.¬†Continually over the years Jeannette continues to ensure that she strives for what she wants without any inhibitions from the life she has lived.¬†Long after¬†her¬†high school success when she finally moves¬†to New York Jeannette ensures¬†that she¬†again¬†is doing what will help her achieve her¬†desires¬†while also proving that she¬†can¬†have success even after living¬†such a peculiar life. In New York, though it¬†is not the most reputable newspaper company in the city Jeannette has still achieved a greater success than most have expected.¬†Her achievement of such success has come as a surprise to many who did not believe that she would succeed, from her own mother to the people of Welch disbelief for the thriving of Jeannette Walls is apparent. ‚ÄĚNo one expected you to amount to much‚Ķ You never had much going for you except that you always worked hard.‚ÄĚ (270) Jeannette‚Äôs own mother is seen doubting the talents that her own child has and is even reluctant to accept that her daughter has become successful in her own right. Rose-Mary Walls has assumed a position that Jeannette will be an unsuccessful person. Even though Rose-Mary doesn‚Äôt believe that Jeannette will be successful, it becomes evident that Jeannette works hard for what she wants. Her own mother though not believing in the skill-set of her child still sees that her daughter has worked hard for her ambitions. Jeannette is even¬†able to receive a job that she is proud of at the Phoenix newspaper. ‚Äú‚Ķand became a full-time reporter for The Phoenix. I‚Äôd never been happier in my life.‚ÄĚ (248) Jeannette displays exuberance at having achieved the goal of receiving full-time work doing what she loves most. We see that she is achieving what she desires and will continue to achieve more as she climbs the ladder to reach her final goals. Jeannette is bringing herself up from the rubble of a life that she has lived and proves that no matter what she‚Äôs been through she still plans¬†to continue and work to¬†achieve her goals.¬†With hard work and a steely determination Jeannette proves that no matter what you‚Äôve come from you can go on to acquire anything in life.


Though Jeannette has suffered a life of gross poverty it can be seen that she still desires the best for herself in life. She realizes that the person she was as she is growing up is not who she must become as a mature youth and adult. She envisions a good life for herself and accepts that she has every right to live that life she desires. Though the Walls parents have done many wrongs to¬†Jeannette¬†there is one life lesson that they¬†have¬†instilled into¬†her. They‚Äôve empowered Jeannette with the energy and hunger to have the best education that she can obtain. ‚ÄĚI’ve always believed in the value of a good education‚ÄĚ (265) Though the parents constantly ensure that they do the opposite of the social norm, they‚Äôve made sure to inspire Jeannette with the values of good schooling. Alongside Jeannette‚Äôs parents value instillments with an added extra¬†persuasion from her sister, Jeannette takes the leap and enters into the world of academia with an Ivy League college acceptance. ‚ÄúI applied to its sister college, Barnard, and was accepted.‚ÄĚ (250)¬†Even with her¬†upbringing Jeannette is still bright enough to make her way into a superior college, a college that most would say ‚Äútrash‚ÄĚ like her didn‚Äôt deserve to attend.¬†Though Jeannette has a colourful past she proves herself as capable enough to be accepted into such a college and further proves her worth as a student in the college.¬†She works her way through her years of college proving to be an incredibly self-sufficient young woman. Jeannette‚Äôs parents have proven to not have completely¬†unusual¬†ways of raising children because in Jeannette we see that she has a desire for education which her parents have helped to implant into her as a child. This can be seen when even in her most desperate time of educational need her father is seen pulling through for once and providing Jeannette with what she needs to gain the full¬†intellectual experience¬†she desires to gain. ‚ÄúI paid what I owed on my tuition with Dad‚Äôs, crumpled bills‚ÄĚ (265) Even as her father is living the life of a homeless person in New York City he still ensures that Jeannette pursues and holds the values of gaining the best education possible. Rex proves that he truly values his daughter‚Äôs education and her pursuit of that education to gain the life she wants to live.¬†Although many harsh words can be said about Rex and Rose-Mary Walls, they‚Äôve provided Jeannette with the advantage of enjoying educational experiences and the desire to seek such occurrences.


Human beings can be seen responding to the circumstances they endure by using them as the force that will drive them to pursue their goals. The way they choose to respond to this issue helps to determine the level of success they’ll achieve with their pursuit. In The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls we see the effects of the circumstances on Jeannette how those happenings have worked to shape Jeannette’s life and allow her to become the person she wants to be, whilst living the life she wants to live. In The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls can be seen living a life that is unconstrained by the circumstances of her nonconformist years of girlhood. She is a highlight to the life of success that a person can live even after growing up in an unconventional family. Jeannette goes to prove that even with the most questionable of childhoods a person can have the life they want if they have the drive and passion to pursue the goals and dreams they desire to achieve.

Just finished a novel study on this great read. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this and read it.


The Literary Kitty

The Glass Castle is a memoir of journalist Jeannette Walls‚Äô childhood. We begin with the three-year-old Jeannette boiling hot dogs on the stove in her family‚Äôs trailer and setting her tutu on fire ‚Äď an incident that saw her stuck in hospital getting skin grafts until her dad decided to check her out ‚ÄėRex Walls style‚Äô on the grounds that hospitals were for the enfeebled and Jeannette wasn‚Äôt that.

From the early days where the family travelled through desert mining towns, sleeping in cardboard boxes and doing ‚Äėthe skedaddle‚Äô in the middle of the night due to the latest trouble her wild, charismatic father had gotten himself into, to the author‚Äôs adolescent years without indoor plumbing or heating in a ramshackle ‚Äėhouse‚Äô in dreary Welch, West Virginia, no one could say that the Walls children had a conventional childhood. But this is no misery lit memoir. In fact, there‚Äôs no‚Ķ

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A well done article with very interesting insight to Hobbes Leviathan. A great read!

Intro to Political Theory Blog

Throughout the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes uses biblical references to support his philosophy of the essential components for an ideal state of government.  This approach may cause individuals to view Hobbes in a religious light; however these references were only used to be twisted to fit his philosophical perspective.  Whether it be the book’s title, historical biblical figures like Moses, or the continual mention of the Almighty God, Hobbes used those examples as a springboard to speak about his ideal government.  The most prominent biblical reference Hobbes formulated is within the book’s title: The Leviathan.  Although Hobbes’ main intention for representing the ultimate sovereign as a biblical leviathan was because he wanted to show that his ideal state of government would share similar attributes of power, a deeper meaning can be found if the context of the book of Job is analyzed to a greater degree.

The original leviathan…

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School. Stress. Sleep.

School starts in 4 days. I’m not sad or unhappy about it. I’m worried and stressed. Being a senior is not as glamourous as it sounds. Soon I’ll have big life changes. I’ll keep you al updated, but I’m very stressed out and in need of sleep. Preferably 8 hours…

ImagePS: I did my hair, it’s an afro!!¬†

Enjoy :]

Rainy Days. Hot Chocolate. Painting. Reading.

Today has been an emotional roller coaster. Who knew that one year after is when we’d all start dealing with the issues of a single parent home of three stubborn women. My morning got off to a grim start with my mother yelling me out of bed as she was getting ready for work then my sister acting like a brat. My sister and I eventually got it together and in quote forgave one another, but I’m still not putting any extra effort into conversing with my mother she has started to really irritate me (and we’ve always been close). I guess it’s part of changing and growing up. Nonetheless, the day wasn’t particularly anything today, but then we suddenly had a windy and rainy (with a touch of hail) storm. It’s so strange how impacting a weather change can be, to some the rain and dreary sense of it will raise their spirits, but for those like me it just makes me want to curl up with a cuppa’ hot cocoa, read a book and blog to my hearts content. So that’s what I will do. It seems that my sister has gained a whiff of my blog which I find interesting, hopefully she enjoys my antics and quips and doesn’t feel to hurt by anything I say. Shout out to my sister G!¬†


PS: I started helping my mother paint her room, it was a darker green now she’s changing it to a colour similar to a bright fuchsia.

A portion of my mothers bedroom and the colour we will continue to be painting it.

Atlantis. Holiday. Summer

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Hello and good day! It’s a bright sunny morning and no lie of a word I’m incredibly grumpy, but that’s not what this category is about so I’ll leave that to another category.

We went on this luxurious holiday a few weeks ago and I decided I’d kick my travel blog section off with a bang! Now I’ve been very lucky in life that I have been given the opportunity to travel to several continents around the world in the years that I’ve been alive. Atlantis was our second resort holiday, our first was staying on the resort of Disney World in Florida 2006. So we went to Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas and were comfortably placed in the Reef hotel on the island (which is on sale from $700,000 to a million if you don’t want to just stay as a guest, but as and owner :P) The holiday was wonderful Atlantis provided us with top of the line entertainment and high class guest quality service. The only hitch in the surreal dream like holiday was a family fight. Now that it’s a family of just three girls, well you can imagine…sometimes things get catty. Quickly after those issues were resolved and we were back to enjoying a fun filled family holiday. The real spoiler of the trip though was when we were ready to depart our plane had mechanical difficulties, thus forcing us to be stranded in a small Bahamian airport in Nassau (island across from Paradise Island) for 10 hours before a now smaller plane came to pick us up causing a small scale riot on who would stay and who would leave on this airplane. We managed our way onto the airplane, but not without another problem once we were on board. A young woman who was said to have a mental illness had ran away from her family to the Bahamas and once this dinky Westjet had been boarded she had some sort of panic attack about being on such a small plane. She left the plane and my family and I (at the front of the plane) saw the chaos that ensued. Her mother was crying of how she needed to be on this flight then her father came to see what the issue was and with the way she was acting the female air hostess insisted that she couldn’t be on this flight because she could be a danger on the flight. Eventually the head pilot spoke with the young woman and her family and the woman didn’t leave with us. Eventually we took off but the adventure wasn’t over for my family and I. We had missed our connection so we ended up staying at a Marriot hotel, but later that day by late evening we were finally home, glad to be out of the Bahamian sun.


“It’s a long way back t…

“It’s a long way back to Eden, sweetheart, so don’t sweat the small stuff”

-Stephen King, Insomnia

I’m bored with life. I need to seek a new outlet to… I can’t put my finger on the word, but I need something shiny and new in my life. It’s late at night in my little town, a mediocre summer (temperature wise), a Thursday and 3:25 in the morning. I’m on summer holidays so I’m awake at an inhumane time. Browsing the web trying to spark something, anything really. I’m not depressed if I may sound that way…just bored and tired. I’m at a split, between stressing for school, university, diplomas and my future I’m trying to still explore the world and find myself. Now don’t go thinking I’m some pathetic hack of a teenager who doesn’t know themselves and is on a path to “discovery”. I feel that I know myself, just not as well or as deeply and I feel that not enough people know me… How do I know myself, well I’ve known indefinitely since I was in the fourth grade that when I finished my basic schooling I would eventually enter into law school and become a criminal or corporate lawyer, I know my favourite colour is orange and that I love and passionately enjoy classical music, orchestras and good wholesome French opera, with the occasional rap, hip-hop and pop. I know I love to write from blogs, to journals, to essays. I know I love to read, every type of book I will devour it in a few short hours. Most of all I know I love English and Social class which I have great academic success within, but am always able to express myself in a intellectually stimulating environment. Good heavens I don’t even know my train of thought at this point, time to pop some sleeping meds and call it a night (or in the case where I don’t take sleeping meds), lay in bed until I eventually fall asleep no matter how early for some or late that may be. Hopefully my blog picks up wind, that would be fairly interesting, but nonetheless, if I just type for myself then so be it. A fair adieu to anyone who may have taken the time to read, I’m off for a well needed sleep and hoping you have slept well. Toodles!

PS: Here’s to me going to sleep and not sweating the small stuff ;D